Booking.   Moab Flats can be booked through Premier Lodgings.

Pets.   Pets are allowed in units 1 – 4 on the first floor.  Please pick up after you pet and do not allow them to relieve themselves in the back yard grounds.

Trailer Parking.  There are several places to park trailers directly across the street from Moab Flats.

Bike Storage. We have a secure bike storage building that also has the ability for you to use your bike lock to further secure the bike to the rack.

Adjoining Units.  We do not have directly adjoining units but several units work especially well for groups wanting two units together.   Units 5 & 6 or Units 7 & 8 share landings at the top of the stairs.  Units 6 & 7 and Units 2 & 3 share landings on the back stairs.

Kitchens.  The kitchens are stocked with what is needed to make most meals.  Please bring any unique item you might need.

Steps.  Every unit requires steps to enter.  The first floor has fewer steps.

Location.   Moab Flats is located at 81 East, 100 South in Moab, Utah.

GPS Coordinates.   38, 34, 19 North, 109, 32, 59 West. 

Site Photography by Nick Simonite. Site Design by Hallie Brewer.